Select Projects

UbiFit. UbiFit is a persuasive technology system that uses a mobile phone and on-body sensing to encourage people to incorporate regular and varied physical activity into their everyday lives.

Wi-Fi Privacy Ticker. The Wi-Fi Privacy Ticker improves people's privacy awareness and provides them with some control over what they expose to others on Wi-Fi networks.

Computer-Supported Coordinated Care. Computer-supported coordinated care uses technology to aid the network of people who support an elder living at home. It aims to improve communication among individuals and balance the distribution of responsibilities to allow the elder to live at home despite increasing care needs.

ShutEye. ShutEye is a persuasive technology that uses a mobile phone to inform people about how likely the activities that they perform throughout the day are to disrupt their sleep. ShutEye uses a timeline display on the phone's background screen to present temporally-relevant guidelines; for example, at a glance, the user can see if drinking coffee or going for a run right now is likely to disrupt tonight's sleep.

UbiGreen. UbiGreen is a persuasive technology system that uses activity inference and mobile phones to improve people's awareness of their transportation patterns and encourage them to make transportation decisions that minimize impact on the environment.  

Houston. Houston is a mobile phone-based fitness journal that is used to track and share progress toward a daily step count goal within a small network of friends.

Reno. Reno is a peer-to-peer, mobile, location-enhanced messaging service to support sharing one's location with members of his or her social network.